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Press Releases & NewslettersDate
Press Releases & NewslettersDate
Shards of History — Tupperware of Yesterday  
Witchcraft In Early New England with WCSU Professor Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea October 10, 2017 
Colonial School In Session at Darien Historical Society | Town’s Third Graders Travel Back In Time & Learn Town History October 16, 2017 
Revolutionary Perspectives -- Part I and II -- Society’s Series Focuses on Changing Perceptions During Revolution October 25, 2017 
WINTER 2018 Newsletter January 1, 2018 
Long May She Wave! The Evolution of the Our Flag An Exhibit at the Darien Historical Society January 2, 2018 
A JOURNEY: A Musical One-Woman Show A Performance at the Darien Historical Society Brings History to Life January 26, 2018 
Cupid Goes to War: The Love Letters of Cate Raymond A Valentine’s Day Exhibit at the Darien Historical Society January 26, 2018 
American Folk Art – Early Masters and New Visions Art Lectures at The Darien Historical Society February 12, 2018 
Treasures of the Costume Collection – 1740 to 1930 Exhibit Highlights Wardrobe Gems at The Darien Historical Society April 3, 2018 
ABOUT TIME: THE MASTERWORK OF MARGARET BRASSLER KANE | An Exhibition Focusing on the Struggles and Lifework of a Depression-Era Artist June 28, 2018 
Revolutionary Perspectives -- “Fix Your Bayonets!” Antique Firearms Expert To Give Talk at Darien Historical Society September 9, 2018 
FALL | WINTER 2018 Newsletter October 4, 2018 
BEYOND THE GRAVE: SYMBOLS AND ARTISTRY OF CONNECTICUT’S EARLY GRAVESTONES | Connecticut History Expert To Discuss Motifs and Artists Behind Early Gravestones October 22, 2018 
Equal Opportunity in the Art World – A Panel Discussion Plus — Contemporary Artists Open “In Conversation” Exhibit & Fundraiser November 1, 2018 
2020: A New Vision of Darien’s Past and Future Town Begins Preparations for Bicentennial Celebrations & Kicks Off Logo Contest November 2, 2018 
First Draft of History: Typset to Twitter With New York Times Investigative Reporter November 5, 2018 
Over Here: Darien's WWI — An Exhibit Focusing on Darien's Experience during The Great War February 26, 2019 
Sponsor Over Here March 4, 2019 
The Whaleboat Middlesex April 24, 2019 
Gilded Age Opens Tonight! October 4, 2019 
Horizon Foundation Awards Society Grant October 10, 2019 
Vampires In New England October 11, 2019 
Darien 1820 — New Town, New Times... New Exhibition & Commemorative Book February 28, 2020 
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