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Congratulations to our Volunteers of the Year: Kathy Karlik, Sarah Keena and Sara Zagrodzky!

posted May 16, 2014, 3:06 PM by Margaret McIntire   [ updated May 16, 2014, 3:11 PM ]
The Darien Historical Society nominates Kathy Karlik, Sarah Keena and Sara Zagrodzky as our Volunteers of the Year because when Board of Ed budget cuts stopped field trips to our museum, they rose to the challenge and made a plan to re-establish them.

Three years ago, they worked with teachers and administrators to develop a living-history experience that fit with the first grade curriculum. And their plan won over the Board of Ed.

First graders came back and toured our old saltbox to learn how life was vastly different 250 years ago. They heard about secret hiding closets and pirate raids, and they churned butter and designed clothespin dolls.

If coordinating and running these educational programs for seventeen classes wasn’t enough, Sarah, Kathy and Sara created a Passport to History for all of our fifth graders in town! This team did all this while also teaching scouts and numerous nursery schools, hosting pirate birthday parties and working on a new history program for eighth graders.

All of their superb efforts have brought an up close and personal living history into the hyper-modern world of our children. Our most sincere congratulations to Sarah, Kathy and Sara for so greatly enriching the lives of our town’s children!