The Darien Historical Society, founded in 1953, is the prime resource in the town of Darien, Connecticut dedicated to collecting, preserving and exhibiting materials of local historical value and focuses on educating the community about Darien’s heritage.

The Society supports, maintains, and operates the eighteenth century Bates-Scofield House Museum, the 1827 Scofield Barn Exhibit Hall, and the Darien Historical Archives and Resource Library.
The Darien Historical Society serves as the local history resource of Darien, through its acquisition and preservation of original photographs, documents, books and artifacts, and provides community access to these primary resources through exhibitions, lectures and educational programs, as well as through its public library.

The Darien Historical Society relies on private funding from membership dues and contributions as well as from our program revenue and merchandise.

Mission Statement
The Darien Historical Society and its Bates Scofield Homestead Museum (the “Society”) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Darien, CT whose mission is to maintain, collect, preserve, and exhibit materials of local historical value and to educate the community about its heritage.

Board of Directors

The Darien Historical Society is governed by a Board of Directors of area community members. Individual Board members serve a three year term, renewable for one additional consecutive term.

Robert J. Pascal, Jr., President
Kate Larson, Vice President
Joe Spain, Vice President
Jared Heuer, Treasurer
Julie Johnston, Secretary

Christine Bang
Kieran Cavanna
Abby Hord
Paget MacColl
Carolyn McGrath
Rudy Mossa
Jim Ozanne
Jim Phillips
David Polett
Lisa Shanahan
Lynn Sheppard
Joseph Spain
Peter Thoren
Valerie VanDerzee
Sara Zagrodzky

Marian Castell
Town Historian

Kenneth M. Reiss
Society Historian

Babs White
Costume Curator

In addition, an Advisory Council, also of area community volunteers, serves to assist the Board of Directors in advisory and consulting roles.

 The current Advisory Council members are:
Nancy Cudd
Elissa Hylton
Carole Johnson
J. Paul Johnson
Frederick M. Lione
Nancy Lione
W. C. Brian Peoples
Ruth Anne Ramsey
Cynthia Ryan
Bruce Sargent
Janet Sargent
Cynthia Stamm
Jon Zagrodzky